6 Bad Habits That Are Ageing Your Eyes


It is important to keep your eyes healthy and safe for their well-being and long life. But several daily things can age and harm your eyes, they include:


Rubbing Your Eyes

We all must have done this whether knowingly or unknowingly. The skin around our eyes is fragile. The signs of ageing on your face can be noticed at around the eyes. The tiny blood vessels under the eye break when you rub your eyes causing puffy eyes and dark eye circle.  It results in premature dropping eyelids and crow’s feet which give your eyes an aged look.


Late Nightszafaaf

You are making your eyes age faster if you sleep less. Studies have revealed that less sleeping stimulates ageing, and the first signs of ageing are noticeable near the eyes. Bloodshot eyes, twitching, redness, dark circles, dry eyes, and blurry vision are symptoms of poor sleep.


Not Drinking Water

Your body can feel as if it is dehydrated if you drink less water and consume a high sodium diet. Dehydration can result in insufficient production of tears. Fewer tears indicate that your eyes feel dry and can cause redness, puffy eyelids, and dry eyes.


Poor Diet

We all love processed foods and fast foods, but this can be a basis for your eyes to age much more quickly. It’s required to eat vegetable and fruits every day to sustain a proper diet. Dairy, nuts, vegetables and fresh fruit and other healthy sources of nutrients, minerals, essential fatty acids and vitamins can grant you with excellent eye health. You can protect your eyes from different eye related eye problems by eating fresh fish, colourful fruits and enough greens. It is better to exercise, maintain a healthy diet and to watch your weight than taking eye vitamins.


Not Getting Proper Check-Ups

sgvsgsCommon eye problems can be discovered at early stages and be attended to so as some difficulties can be prevented with correctors and proper eye wear but without detection, all of this is not possible. It’s important to get your eyes checked twice a year. Let your doctor know if your family has a history of a specific eye difficulty so that you can be diagnosed if such problem arises.


Smoking Habits

Smoking is damaging to your entire body, and this includes your eyes. If you’re an enthusiastic smoker, condemn yourself for your old eyes. Prolonged smoking can cause severe eye problems like macular degeneration, diabetic uveitis, retinopathy, dry eyes, and cataracts.

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